100+ Warm-Up Routines Vol. 1

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Hey, warrior! Ready to fire up those muscles and prep them for the big game? Dive into our top-notch collection of 101 warm-up routines packed in a killer e-book! Whether it’s bodyweight mastery, mad weightlifting skills, or simply rocking that daily WOD, we’ve got the perfect pre-game plan for you! 🏋️‍♂️🤸‍♀️

Here's What’s Cookin’ Inside: 📘 1️⃣ Specialized Warm-Ups: Tailored to perfection! From upper body rev-ups for those intense pull-push sessions to lower body drills for squatting, Oly lifts, and more! 🦵💥 2️⃣ All-Rounder Warm-Ups: Got a mix of gymnastics and weightlifting? We got ya! Fire up with our full-body routines for those all-out compound movement days. 🔄🔥 3️⃣ Barbell Warm-Ups: Eyeing those heavy lifting days? Our barbell specific warm-ups ensure you’re all set to hit those PRs without a hitch! 🏋️🔒

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