100+ EMOM Workouts Vol.1

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Unearth a treasure trove of 101 workouts that are all about igniting the hero spirit within. EMOM? Think of it as your new battle cry. "Every Minute On the Minute" is the pulse-raising rhythm the fitness realm is raving about. It's where muscle meets mettle, and you challenge not just your physique, but the very essence of your endurance.

🛡️ A Field for All Warriors: No matter your rank in the fitness legion - from the fresh recruit to the seasoned centurion - our arsenal has got something for you. Tailored workouts for all fitness strata, and weight recommendations for both the titans and the goddesses. Sculpt your journey, whether it's a supplementary campaign or a full-blown EMOM conquest.

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LIT Pro Tip: Before diving into battle, ready your sinews and spirits! Secure your tactics with our renowned "100+ Warm-Up Routines".

🚩 Warrior Wisdom: To truly don the armor of greatness, complement these combative workouts with a steadfast diet and relentless training routine. We might be fitness aficionados, but always rally with a healer (read: doc) before embarking on new adventures.

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